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Introducing O.flights

Creating on-demand Air Mobility Service

O.Flights Utility Token: OFLY

Emissions Free Urban Connectivity

The all-electric O.flights with eight engines delivers the best travel range, speed, noise-less & the affordable cost which means people can travel seamlessly around places with zero carbon emission.

The autopilot and flight control system gathers data from accelerometers, gyroscopes, a magnetic compass, barometers, visual sensors, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, millimeter wave radars and more, using this information to make intelligent navigation decisions. Other systems include communications, battery management and safety management with support coming from the O.Flights Command Center.

One click booking

A digital ecosystem that will connect customer bookings, operations and aircraft utilization for providing seamless service.

Fully Autonomous with Avionics

Its innovate and cutting edge technology brings the vision of fully electric driven air mobility to reality. Redefining the way we used to travel. 

Perfect balance of power

It balances competing requirements for range, speed and payload while delivering a low noise footprint

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem 

O.Flights Financial Ecosystem rely on OFLY Token built on Ethereum Blockchain.

O.Flights (OFLY) All Electric Air Mobility

      Passenger | Ambulance | Cargo

Tokenizing O.Flights 
OFLY Utility token will be the single point access to the O.Flights ecosystem. From memberships to ticket booking will be powered by OFLY tokens
O.Flights (OFLY) R&D Fund: Tokenizing O.Flights 

20 Million USD R&D Fund

                   The R&D fund will be raised in 4 STAGES. The proposed funding rounds will be as follows,

  • Seed Fund (OFLY Token Sale)

  • Crowd Fund (OFLY Token Sale)

  • Consortium Membership Funding

  • Institutional Funding

OFLY Token Allocation Overview

  • 50,000,000 OFLY Total Circulation (Fixed)

  • 20,000,000 OFLY in Current Circulation

  • 30,000,000 OFLY in Management Reserve

OFLY Token Price: 1 USD Per OFLY

OFLY Token Farming Yield: 9% P.A 

O.Flights Showreel

O.flights is the next generation Aerospace Organisation focusing on Research and Development of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles(AAV) with Vertical TakeOff and Landing(VTOL). Our main focus is to Redefine the Urban Transportation, Military, Emergency Response & Space Research.

O.Flights O25 Model specifications


4 (Adults)+2 (Kids)



300 KM/Hr

(Top Speed)


300 KM Range

(Fully Charged)


Vertical Take-off & Landing​


Electric Engines & Carbon Zero

1 (3).png

Flight 025 key facts

• On-demand booking platform

• Fully Electric

• Carbon Zero

• Avionics & Innovative propulsion technology

• Tilt-able fan blades

• Collision Avoidance System

• In-Flight Entertainment

• Ballistic Parachute

• Bi-Directional rotating blades

• Noise cancellation technology

• Auto – Replaceable battery suites

1 (20).png
1 (19).png

O.Flights R&D Footprints

Vision 2025

2021: India 

Joining hands with Indian educational institutions and research organizations and forming a consortium and Legal Structuring in proposed countries.

2022: Dubai

Forming the R&D centre and kick starting the road shows along with process of fund raising.  

2023: Germany

Forming the R&D centre with extending the horizons of technological know-how.

2024: USA & Europe

Expanding the footprints in USA & Europe and obtaining the various patents for the technology developed.

2025: Get Started

Starting the on demand Air Taxi service with full safety or proven stable flight hours.



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