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Token Sale Process


 O.Flights (OFLY) Token Sale

 Fund Stage: Seed Fund

 Tokens Allocated: 2.5 Million OFLY

 Token Price: 1 USD

 Accepted Currencies: USDT or USDC 

 Token Type: ERC-20

 Minimum Tokens to Buy: 500 OFLY                 




O.Flights Farming Yield 9%

Send your payments to the below OFLY address 



 1. Send your payments only from ERC-20 Compatible Wallets

 2. Do not send payments from Exchange or Contract

 3. Any other coins or tokens other than USDT/USDC will be lost

 4. Any payments transferred below 500 USD will be rejected.

 5. Double check the Payment address. O.Flights will not be responsible for wrong transfers.

6. Tokens will be sent to the same address from which we receive the USDT / USDC 

Connecting Dots

O.Flights NFT Aircraft

naming Auction 

Auction Date: TBA

Auction Link: TBA

Note: The proposed auction is only for the O.Flights Model O25 Naming, the successful bidder proposed name will be kept for aircraft. Other than "O.Flights Model O25 naming opportunity", the bidder has NO other rights in the brand, technology, intellectual property, company operations, utility tokens etc.  
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Telegram: @odotflights

Twitter: @odotflights


O.Flights: Urban Mobility Redefined.

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